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8 Father’s Day Ideas for the Whisky Loving Dad

With just two weeks left until Father’s Day (UK, 21st July 2020), take the stress out of the "what do we buy??" conundrum. If you have a father in your life who enjoys a dram, we've got you covered, no matter what your budget!


1. Father's Day Whisky Tasting Set - £20

Not sure what he likes? Speyside? Islay? Peated? Sweet? Smokey?

Don't worry - Master of malt has you covered.

This whisky tasting set includes some interesting whisky he may never have tried before. And even if he has... nothing lost, it's still a lovely whisky lovers gift!

You can pick up the Father’s Day Whisky Tasting Set HERE.


2. Mature your own - £115

Thinking he'd like something really special, and definitely something which gives any whisky enthusiast some ongoing enjoyment? Why not look at giving him a "Mature Your Own" kit?

This kit comes with two bottles of new make single malt whisky (clear whisky, before it's matured in barrels), and a small barrel to mature it yourself. The beauty of this kit is, contrary to what you might think, it doesn't take years to mature the whisky! As the barrel is smaller than those used by commercial whisky producers, it takes far less time to inject the barrels flavour into the plain whisky. Think 4-6 weeks, not months or years! Not only that, the barrel can be used again several times, and can even be used to add some oak influence to other alcoholic drinks such as Rum or Vodka... it's ripe for experimentation!

Interested? We recently blogged about the kit, and you can read the first of our blogs HERE.

You can pick up a Mature Your own Kit HERE.


3. Worlds Best Blended Single Malt - £125

The World Whisky Awards 2020 named the MacNair's Lum Reek 21 year old blended Single Malt as the worlds best.

A peated blend with Oloroso sherry influence, virgin oak, and red wine casks thrown in to boot, this is a whisky which will tickle the taste buds of any Whisky loving father!

A little tipsy birdie tells us if you add a teaspoon of water to the blend, it really opens it up and lets the drinker explore the full wonder of this interesting whisky.

You can pick up some MacNair's Lum Reek HERE.


4. Solid Sipper for the Drinks Cabinet - £40

Right, lets calm down. It's only fathers day! 🤐

We highly recommend a whisky which we hold in stock as our "go to" easy drinker Single Malt, and that is the Aberlour 12 year old. We recently reviewed it, and stand by the fact it's a fantastic whisky at a reasonable price.

We are sure no matter what your whisky loving dad's tastes are, he'll enjoy this sherry influenced whisky from a fantastic Speyside distillery.

You can pick up some Aberlour 12 HERE.


5. No seriously, I'm on a budget...- £20

Ok, how about a solid blended scotch whisky which always gets rave reviews from those who try it? Look no further than the Hankey Bannister blended scotch.

A blended whisky named after Mr Hankey and Mr Bannister who created the brand. For those who like South Park, that's right, he was called Mr Hankey… 💩

Thankfully the whisky doesn't take any flavour influence from its founder, and is a solid, well regarded blended Scotch.

Pick up a bottle HERE!


6. Actually, what am I saying? He's my dad, budget isn't an issue - lets get him something REALLY special! - £4000

Your dad might love to have his very own bottle of the 2020 "World's Best Single Malt" Whisky.

Interestingly, this one comes all the way from Japan. 🇯🇵

The Hakushu 25 Year Old is very rare and truly fabulous peated Japanese whisky from Hakushus. This 25 year old was awarded a Silver Medal at the Malt Maniac Awards in 2009, and whisky critic Jim Murray rated it 93 points out of a possible 100, saying he was "blown away" by it… but the whisky has now taken the 2020 award for Best Single Malt at the World Whisky Awards.

Mind, this one isn't in the budget range... but if you have a spare £3995 to spend on fathers day, I'm sure it would be greatly received! 😍

You can pick the Hakushu 25 year old whisky HERE.


7. For the traveller - £10

A compact dram cup for those who want their whisky on the go.

This cool little copper finished cup works for any situation where space is at a premium.

Unfortunately doesn't come with any whisky, but still a worthwhile investment!

You can pick up a Glenfiddich Copper Collapsable Dram Cup HERE.


8. Still Can't Decide?

It's understandable. How about some vouchers so he can decide himself? It's the perfect gift for those indecisive amoungst us... and these vouchers are special! They NEVER expire, and also benefit from 5% interest per year, so if he can't decide or wants to save them up for a special dram, it's a great way to do it!

Pick up vouchers from £10 to £500 HERE.


Let us know what you go for in the end!


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