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  • Alan C

90% of Britons know ‘Scotch’ is Scottish... (oh wait, that’s not a catchy title!)

In case you didn’t pick up on it, the title of this blog is slightly sarcastic and filled with weary annoyance at the constant negative spin on news.

Obviously this title doesn’t have the impact of the negative story, which was;

“10% of Britons unable to identify Scotch whisky as Scottish, survey finds”

When I read that, I instantly just thought “but that means 90% do?”

If you asked me for location specific information on other spirits I don't drink, I might not know about it. I don’t think whisky is any different for those who don’t drink it.

What we should be celebrating is the 90% of people who identify Scotch as a product of Scotland!

2020 is a crazy year. Our Scottish distilleries have zero visitors, which means in the coming years when tourism starts up again, we’ll have some catching up to do with the message of Whisky! Let’s keep the message positive.

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