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  • Alan C

Pour and Sip - September 2020 Tasting Notes

In the first Pour and Sip whisky subscription box (you can read more about it HERE), we received our first five whiskies to try,

Here is what we thought of each of the above whiskies:

Mackmyra Grönt Te (46.1%)

Nose - A really pleasant nose, with fresh apples, melon and berries. Sweetness of honey over the top. Almost as if you were having a fresh fruit and honey breakfast!

Palate - Marmalade verging into being slightly bitter orange peel, with some baking spices in the background.

With water - Adding water is recommended! It woke the whole nose and taste up, and brought out the notes in the whisky very well. Not much is needed, just a couple of drops to get things going.

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Link to Buy (Pour and Sip Members)

Bunnahabhain 12 Year Old (46.3%)

Nose - Oak char with pineapple dominate. Seaside notes, reminiscent to being on a sandy beach linger in the background. Not overly, but a subtle salt smell comes through once your nose has become accustomed to the aromas.

Palate - An oily finish, with a really interesting taste of fresh peach and baking spice. I don't know if peach pie is a thing, but if it isn't, it should be!

With water - Adding some drops of water really affected the spice notes, turning them into quite a sharp note. I actually enjoyed this with and without water, but I'd probably just drink this neat again as the water wasn't adding much for me.

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Balvenie 14 Year Old - The Week of Peat (48.3%)

Nose - Peat. Not overpowering like some Islay malts, but more on the side of an old bonfire (one that's completely burnt out to just embers), and burnt brown sugar. The sweet and burnt note gives a hint to a crème brûlée.

Palate - Charcoal BBQ with some pepper and smokey caramel sauce. A surprisingly sweet finish, but I think that is only surprising given this is a peated speyside whisky.

With water - Turning down the volume on the smoke, and making both the nose and the taste slightly more buttery, also bringing out some interesting citrus tastes.

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Teeling Brabazon Bottling Series 3 (49.5%)

Nose - Brandy... having recently finished a bottle of "Carlos I Solera Gran" brandy, I was weirdly reminded of that in this whisky. Sherried raisins, chocolate, vanilla and diced almonds were predominant for me, with some very subtle dried cigar tobacco.

Palate - Give the various notes I picked up in the nose, the taste was weirdly muted for me. I got more of a grassy or earthy taste, and the notes I had found in the nose were hidden away. I have to say, I preferred the nose to the taste.

With water - Wow. Don't do it. Adding water switched the dial up on this whisky to being overly harsh. The finish became extremely long and overpowering with a spicy chilli heat on the tongue and throat.

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Legent Bourbon (47%)

Nose - An interesting nose, with strong notes of leather and sawdust. Roasted chestnuts and some barrel bitterness.

Palate - Cinnamon and oak char. May sound weird, but 'grape skin'... that's what the taste reminded me of. Sweet treacle made an entrance once your palate became more accustomed to the oak.

With water - Adding a couple drops of water softened the edge of the whiskey, but also added a slight fresh cherry note to the taste.

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A very interesting selection of whiskies from around the world (Scotland, Ireland, USA, and Sweden). Some whiskies in here which I potentially wouldn't have tried otherwise, but none the less, enjoyed. I found a couple of whiskies in this months box I'd definitely go on to buy full size, and I really love the fact the Pour and Sip box gives me the chance to explore whiskies varying in origin and price.

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