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  • Alan C

Glen Grant 18 (Rare Edition)


This Glen Grant 18 (Rare Edition) was introduced to the world in 2016 (along with a 12 Year Old expression). This whisky was named Jim Murray's Second Finest Whisky in the World, as well as his Scotch Whisky of the Year, in his Whisky Bible 2017!

On the Nose

This whisky is interestingly rich for a low proof Speyside... it's slightly floral with oaky overtones, and hints of baking spices and distant almonds.

On the Palate

Much more going on here than in the nose alone, I got malty caramel, delicate dried raisins and vanilla. The more I settled into the dram, I picked up buttery toffee, maybe even vanilla fudge.

With water?

I don't think water addEd to this single malt, better enjoyed neat as delivered from the distillery.


An all round great Speyside whisky, one which deserves a bit of attention. Not one I'd pick up as regular sipper, it absolutely requires more time and concentration to delve into the subtle flavours hidden in this fantastic Glen Grant.

Want to Try?

Why not try Glen Grant 18 for yourself? You can pick up a bottle HERE.


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